Our Mission

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” -Isaiah 40:31

GodStrength.Coach is a ministry dedicated to the transfer of God’s strength to those who are of need of it. We believe that God promises strength, power, and ability to His people to fulfill their assignment here on earth. Knowing that Pastors, Ministers and their spouses can go through various trials in their lives, the Spirit of Counsel and encouragement is a significant gift and mission of GodStrength.Coach. We are passionate about those who are struggling to give them Biblical guidance for their life with the hope of change.





Ministry all began with caring for the community.

Danny Thornton was evangelizing the streets of Syracuse NY in 1981. Since all the work was done in the inner-city and far from his church home; he thought it would be best to have a place within city limits. So he open up a storefront for those he reached to attend.

Through prayer and vision, Solid Rock Outreach began in 1984. They hosted chapel services, coffee house nights, visiting ministers,concerts, clothing giveaways, hotdog outreaches, food giveaways and they even had a rock band called The Solid Rock Band which was a blessing to many.

Along with the in-house service, Solid Rock conducted street meetings throughout the inner city. Danny trained many people how to “work the streets” and win souls to Christ.

The street meetings became quite interesting; several times throughout the years Danny was threatened with bodily harm, had his life threatened several times, had eggs thrown at him and,was spat in his face.

Admittedly, he lived for those moments knowing their anger wasn’t towards him, but toward their own lives.

The message they preached was always a message of HOPE in Christ and throughout those years hundreds of people gave their heart to Christ.

In 1988, they were forced out of the storefront, and moved into a two-family house two doors down. It was there that Solid Rock Church (nka) River Church had the first Sunday of June 1990.

Danny, and his wife Jean Marie, have pastored River Church in Syracuse, NY since 1990. His ministry started a men’s live-in ministry called Solid Rock Flock and was also their food pantry was credited with serving 1 million meals by the Food Bank of CNY.

During all this, Danny balanced ministry time between the local church and preaching in various churches across the U.S. and in the U.K. Danny has developed into a leader’s leader and he loves to help them and to help other ministries develop and grow through leadership training and even community service and outreach.

In the coming years, Danny can see change down the road and by the grace of God he has raised up his “Timothy” to continue the work he began at River of Life church.

This will allow him to reach the leaders, the pastors, and the saints that need encouragement. This is how GodStrength.Coach was birthed.

Danny believes in the TRANSFER Of God’s strength from one believer to another…. let him coach you.