Considering a Life Coach?

GodStrength.Coach Ministry is for your life inspirational needs. Our expertise is not centered on increasing your physical strength but more importantly, your Spiritual Strength.

We will work with you and help you to be the “best you” and discover God’s Plan for your life and help you fulfill it.

We are here to help men, women, couples, and group sessions.

We offer 1 free 30-minute consultation without obligation. This initial consultation will allow us to create a customized Life Plan Strategy (LPS) commitment and an affordable financial plan for you to consider.

We will consider having sessions via Zoom, Facetime, or Skype but it always works best, one on one.

Please know: We are Ordained to do this.


We offer a unique perspective at Godstrength.Coach. We center our coaching with a “biblical guidance for life change” for every area of one’s life, i.e. marriage, work, finances, education, parenting, fitness.


During the free consultation, we will discover and uncover areas of life-changes that you’re willing to make, and along with your desires in mind, we will customize your Life Plan Strategy (LPS).


Our pricing structure is customized as well.

First session is free of charge.

We offer no contracts but as a first step, we will require you to make a commitment to your life change, which we will discuss during the initial consultation and evaluation session.

LPS Pricing will depend on income. Generally $50-$150 a session.

Month to Month with payment upfront no contracts.