GODSTRENGHT for TODAY is a series of min-casts that will empower you in living out your life through God’s Strength and not your own.

  • EP.16 WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED An excellent Question, if I don’t say so myself. This statement was made by a man who was Jailer. The word SAVED is the Greek word, Sozo and it means to save, deliver or protect, to heal,

  • What if Jesus Compromised? Compromise is an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions. For a successful marriage, parenting, and even friendships, learning to compromise can be very healthy. But when it comes to you serving God

  • If HOPE was DOPE I would be addicted to it… There was a science experiment many years ago. They put a rat in a tank of water, turned the lights off, and shut the door. The rat drowned in less than an hour. They took

  • How to Experience the Magnetic Presence of God .. There are Natural Laws and there are Spiritual Laws. You and I will never change them. Example: the Law of Gravity. You can rebel against it all you want but what goes up, will go down.

  • Overcoming Temptation & The Mind of Christ Are you repeatedly falling into temptation? I want you to know for a Christian that is not supposed to be the norm. There is a way of escape so you can endure it. You need to know that

  • PROOF IS IN THE PUTTING As long as you and I live in our bodies, we will always be prone to temptation. I like to say it gets easier but that would be an untruth. I will say, however, through Christ you can do all

  • EP. 8 Is It A Sin To Worry? Part II Words are powerful and we should be aware of the words that come out of our mouth. For example: We have all said the following statement before to our loved ones as they were leaving.

  • Is it A Sin To Worry?. Part.1  In the world we live in at the moment everyone is experiencing some type of anxiety of some sort. When I was young in the Lord someone told me that worrying was a sin. I was shocked that

  • DO YOU KNOW GOD’S PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE? I have a fault, and I generally repeat it. Maybe its a guy thing? Who know’s? When we buy something that needs to be assembled, I would rip open the box and get right into it. Unfortunately

  •   EVER HAVE A BAD DAY AND WANTED EVERYONE TO KNOW? The 9 Fruit of the Spirit is available to every Believer. Its not something you ask God for because you already have it, in your your Born Again spirit. But rather, ask God to

  • Ep. 4 JOHN THE BAPTIST WASN’T A LEVEL HEADED GUY If you think Christianity is boring then “YOU” made it boring. Life change begins when you decide to be “All In.” You will never have that true satisfying taste of a rich relationship with God

  • Ep.3 THE FIRE MUST NEVER GO OUT Your passion for God is similar to a blazing campfire. Keep feeding it with logs to keep the wolves at bay. THE FIRE MUST NEVER GO OUT              

  • EP. 2 How do you see yourself? God looks at us with Proud Father Eyes and it important for us to see ourselves the same way God sees us so we can accomplish our assignments here on earth. How do you see yourself?

  • EP. 1 The Transfer of God Strength