Soar in His Strength, Volumes 1 & 2

Devotionals come in many different shapes, sizes and themes. They are all designed to encourage and inspire the reader for their day. Soar in His Strength is also created this way, but not on a theme-based title, but rather a conglomeration of many thoughts and stories. Deep within each devotional lies the theme of His strength to help you soar through your day.

As you read each day, the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to give you faith for your today and hope for your tomorrows!

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The highest moral code that exhibits godly character and virtue can be found in the Bible: listed in Galatians chapter five and known as The Nine Fruit of the Spirit. Most Bible scholars believe these are the godly characteristics that Jesus exhibited during His time here on earth. Each Fruit of the Spirit is an empowering force infused into every born-again person at salvation. Our enemy, Satan, opposes us every step of the way when we make a move toward God. So, his plan is to confront us with temptation in the arena of the nine fruits of the Spirit, and that is why we can think of them as The Nine Spiritual Fronts.

Andy Elmes

I am excited about Danny’s book and the effect it will have on believers and on churches. It comes at a time when people need clear and direct instruction concerning the Holy Spirit and His purposes in a person’s life. Danny has not just taught these principles but lived them. I highly recommend this book, and Danny’s ministry, to you and know that you will be inspired and enriched by it.

Andy Elmes, Senior Pastor, Family Church, Portsmouth, UK Great big Life

Many Christians want more of God, more of His presence. But some may want to be transformed into His glorious image, and be able to get out of God’s way and let Him flow through you. This book gives insights into how God can work and live through you! It is an interesting and fun read. Enjoy this book and enjoy the Lord!
Rev Barbara Marang
Pastor/Missionary to Honduras

Rev Barbara Marang Pastor/Missionary to Honduras Great big Life

I have known Danny Thornton as a gifted pastor and evangelist for over thirty years. I have also come to know him as a vibrant member of our ministerial network and a dear friend. This book blew me away. Danny has written the finest book on the fruit of the Spirit I have ever encountered. His insights are simultaneously convicting and inspiring. Danny’s skillful writing draws the reader through a journey that exposes the heart of a God who calls us to share in his holy nature. I am giving this book to every leader in our Network.

John Carter, Lead Pastor, Abundant Life Christian Center Director, Abundant Life Ministerial Network Abundant Life Christian Centre, Syracuse NY

The Nine Spiritual Fronts is certainly one of the clearest and most useful resources we have ever seen! This book is literally ‘dripping’ with years of ministry experience and godly wisdom. Each chapter is like opening a beautiful ‘gift of enrichment’, a treasure trove of usable truths. Thank you, Danny, for your gift of ‘revelation information’ that is sure to bless many richly. It will be a lasting resource and ‘go-to’ text for years to come. Blessings in Jesus!

Dr Len and Cathy Mink, evangelists, singers and TV presenters Len & Cathy Mink Ministries

I am so pleased for Danny to see his dream of writing a book come to pass, it’s been a long time coming. Yet this book only scratches the surface of the depth and richness of the wisdom that God has cultivated in Danny’s heart, so I know this won’t be the only book he writes. I’ve known Danny for many years, and his heart is only to grow and empower people to be who God made them to be. He believes in people, he releases them, he keeps them grounded and focused. This book has been a joy to read.

Matt Lockwood, worship leader and author Matt Lockwood